Advancement Resources – Boy Scout


The following resources provide additional information about advancement. Links are provided to materials that are available online.

General Resources

Online Resources:

Advancement News Archive

Advancement Educational Presentations

Advancement Report, No. 34403 

Eagle Scout Challenge, No. 542-900 

Getting the Most From Internet Advancement:  Download PowerPoint Presentation    |    Download Presenter’s Notes   |   Download FAQ 

Guide to Advancement, No. 33088:    Download PDF Version 

On Increasing Advancement, No. 512-047 

Regional and Area Volunteers Supporting the Advancement Program, No. 512-048 

Troop Resource Survey, No.34437 

Uniform and Insignia Guide, No. 33066

Printed Material & Videos:

Boy Scout Advancement (video and syllabus), No. AV-02V001

Boy Scout Handbook, No. 33105

Highlights for the District Advancement Committee, No. 34724

Scoutmaster Handbook, No. 33009

Troop Committee Guidebook, No. 34505

Troop/Team Record Book, No.34508

Rank Advancement

Online Resources:

Eagle Scout Rank Application, No. 512-728 

Eagle Palm Application, No. 58-709 

New Expandable Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927  New functionalities for this electronic workbook include expandable text boxes and the ability to insert images in JPEG, GIF, TIF, and PNG formats. Please let us know how we may further improve your experience by sending comments to  Âgro1398364896.gnit1398364896uocs@1398364896maet.1398364896tneme1398364896cnavd1398364896a1398364896

Printed Material:

Troop/Team/Crew Advancement Chart, No. 34506

Merit Badges

Online Resources:

Merit Badge List

Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges, No. 512-730 

“The Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling” – Advancement Educational Presentation

Merit Badge Counselor Information, No. 34405 

Worksheet for Building a Merit Badge Counselor List, No. 4439 

Printed Material:

Application for Merit Badge, No. 34124

Merit Badge Certificate (pocket), No. 33414

Merit Badge Counseling, No. 34520

Merit Badge Counselor Orientation, No. 34542

Merit Badge Counselors, A Guide for Recommending, No. 34532