Advancement Contacts

Council Advancement Committee

Ed Foster is your Council Advancement chairman and has put together an incredible committee of adult volunteers to serve you in the Northeast Georgia Council.

Meet Your District Advancement Contacts

Access to your District advancement chair is just a click away!

Find your district in the table below and click on the district’s advancement chair’s name to send them an email.  Wow … that was easy!   PLUS  make note of the email alias for your district and keep it.  In this way you will always be able to get in touch with the latest volunteer in that position.

District Advancement Contact
Apalachee Britt Bramblett
Chattahoochee Steve Winterton
Cherokee John Doyle
Currahee Jessie Jones
Etowah Shippen Bushell
Mountain Ruth Bramblett
Sweetwater Tom Holloman
Venturing Anna Hall