Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement

Available as of October 1, 2012.



How to Access Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement can be accessed via your MyScouting account or directly here – Internet Advancement.  Some things to keep in mind about your Internet Advancement login account:

–  Your unit identification number is required to create a login account. Contact Will Strother for your unit id number.

–  There is a limit of one login account per unit. The unit committee advancement person should have that account.

–  Contact the Jefferson Service Center to change the login account.


Getting the Most From Internet Advancement

Getting Started Handbook for NEGA

National Internet Advancement Powerpoint Presentation 

National Internet Advancement Presenter’s Notes 

National Internet Advancement FAQ 

Special Notes

Cub Scout Packs will find that belt loops cannot be entered in internet advancement.  If you try and enter them they may be taken but then they disappear and do not print on the advancement report. Don’t be alarmed at this – it is a problem that has been going on with internet advancement for a long time with no idea if and when it will get corrected. You can purchase the belt loops without them being on the advancement report. In the past when you turned in an advancement report to one of the service centers with belt loops on it the service center employees could not enter the belt loops into internet advancement either. Belt loops do not come into play with your units Journey To Excellence Award.