Big Rock ClimberThe Climbing Program is open to all individuals who are at least 14 years of age or 13 years old and completed 8th grade when they plan to participate in the program and Scout Leaders. All Scouts and leaders must have a current medical form and agreement to participate form .

The program’s emphasis is climbing and rappelling. The Climbing Program builds on basic team and individual skills developed under the COPE program.

Participants in the Climbing Program should anticipate that overnight stays will be in a backpacking/low impact format. Participants should plan to bring their own meals, cooking can be individual or by the patrol method. Participants will be requested to wear long pants on all Climbing activities, bring clothing and personal items appropriate for the season and weather conditions (insect repellent).

The start point for the Climbing Program is the gathering area in Challenge Valley, the High Adventure area of Camp Rainey Mountain. Here the participants will be issued helmets and harnesses, learn basic knots used in climbing, rope management skills, and learn belay skills. Climbing and rappelling skills will be practiced on the Tower in Challenge Valley and various natural rock sites.

The primary offsite climbing site for the Climbing Program is Mt Currahee located in Toccoa, GA.  This site is on the way back toward Atlanta which is on the way home for most.  The end point for the Climbing Program is at the top of Mt Currahee.  Here all participants will return helmets and climbing gear and head home.

If you would like additional information on this program, send mail to Council Climbing Director

Medical Screening / Liability Release

All participants must complete and sign a Medical Screening/Liability Release
Medical Information for Youth High Adventure Participants
Medical Information for Adult High Adventure Participants

Climbing Weekends

Several Climbing Weekends are scheduled from September through May each year.

2017-18 Climbing Registration

Instructor Training

Council Climbing Instructor Training weekends are regularly scheduled for individuals volunteering to joining the Council Climbing Team.

Two Day Climbing Course October 2017

Two Day Climbing Course March 2018

Two Day Climbing Course October 2018