Ranger Camp

Climbing at Ranger CamoRanger Camp is a weeklong High Adventure expedition designed to challenge today’s adventure bound Scouts and Venturers. This is the only camp of its kind in the country that encompasses climbing, rappelling, and a view of what it takes to be an U.S. Army Ranger. Ranger Camp is sponsored by the Northeast Georgia council, BSA and the U.S. Army 5th Ranger Training Battalion. Your adventure begins at the U.S. Army Ranger Mountaineering School and progresses to the beautiful northeast Georgia Mountains. Ranger Camp is a leadership and team building exercise. This course places demands on the overall fitness and stamina of each participant and results in an experience that is healthy, fun and a pure rush of excitement.

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At Ranger Camp, our goal is to meet the High Adventure demands of older Scouts and Venturing. Follow Me to adventure. Rappel off a 100 foot cliff and enter the vertical world, where voices of encouragement are silenced by the rush of adrenaline that accompanies the realization that a single climbing rope and your skill control the speed of descent through the spectacular thrill of High Adventure. Climb 200 feet up a steep mountain face where upward mobility is limited to courage, and where success is measured by the triumph of conquering jagged ledges, scaling towering peaks, and viewing the world where only Eagles and Rangers have been. Fly across a 50 foot gorge face first with only a rope, harness and air. Bridge the gap with rope pathways where your advance ropework bears the weight of travel for elevated traverses.

Typical Daily Schedule
Sunday Check in, meet Ranger Instructors, knot class.
Monday Knots, rappelling and climbing instruction, rope bridge building.
Tuesday Climbing wall, rope bridge competition, rappel 60’ rock face, Ranger lifestyles, hike, vertical bridge.
Wednesday Ranger demonstrate “hand-to-hand”, climbing and rappelling 60’ rock face, hike up mountain for bivouac.
Thursday Climbing and rappelling on Yonah Mountain.
Friday Climbing and rappelling Yonah Mountain, hike, graduation.


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For More Information

If you have any questions about attendance, registration, schedule, or training contact the Jefferson Service Center  or email the Ranger Camp Director.