Whitewater Kayaking

Do you have Scouts and Venturers who enjoy whitewater rafting and want to move up to something more challenging? Whitewater kayaking is the program for them. This program is designed for beginners, so it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to try it.

Weekend Program

The weekend program operates out of Scoutland, where units can camp out for the weekend. It includes an evening session, a Saturday session on the lake, and (if the learners make enough progress on the lake) a Sunday river trip.

These are beginner whitewater kayak clinics open to learners of all ages, subject to the approval of the clinic instructors. The council provides the kayaking equipment; participants must bring certain personal items (see list). Limit: ten learners. Cost: nonrefundable equipment use fee of $200 for the entire unit.

A clinic begins with a one-hour evening land session at a mutually convenient location, with a TV and DVD available, before the weekend date. We usually have it at the unit meeting. The land session is followed by a weekend on the water, starting 7PM Friday at Scoutland, continuing Saturday on the lake, and returning to Scoutland Sunday by 6 PM after a river trip.

Usual Schedule

  1. Last unit meeting before your weekend date: Hold land session.
  2. Friday, 7PM: Report at Scoutland to check out equipment. (No Saturday starts.)
  3. Saturday 8AM: Report at Scoutland waterfront to begin lake session.
  4. Sunday 8AM: Leave Scoutland to go to river.
  5. Sunday 8PM: Return to Scoutland to check in equipment.

For further information, please contact the Whitewater Director.


  1. Download and review the Participant Information Form.
  2. Make a tentative reservation with the Council office. This tentative reservation is good for two weeks and becomes final when the Council office receives payment of the program fee.
  3. Fill out Whitewater Registration form and send it with your fees to the Council office.
  4. Contact the whitewater program coordinators to schedule the land session. Deadline: one month before the weekend clinic.
  5. Distribute the following documents to each participant:
    1. program information sheet
    2. list of what to bring to the clinic
    3. medical information form
    4. waiver form (adult or youth as appropriate)
  6. File a tour permit with the Boy Scout office. Check with the whitewater coordinators for details.
  7. Turn in all documents. Deadline: at or before the land session.