Is your unit reporting service hours? If not, read this.

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Service Projects – How To Report Hours

 Report Your Service Hours!   Why?

Did you know that most units are not reporting their service hours?   Throughout the Northeast Georgia Council, almost every weekend a unit is performing invaluable service to the community and no one knows about it.

Start now reporting all service hours … It is a key measurement goal in “Scouting’s Journey to Excellence” program.  Don’t miss out on values points for your JTE Unit award.

Scouting’s Journey to Excellence Scoring – By Unit Type

The goal for all units is:    that a unit  participates in service projects, with one benefitting  your chartering organization.  The projects and hours are entered on the Journey to Excellence website.

Packs & Crews Points

Bronze – 2 service projects
Silver – 3 service projects
Gold – 4 service projects
Troops Points
Bronze -4 service projects
Silver – 5 service projects
Gold – 6 service projects


How to Report Hours

New User?          Click here for new user instructions.   You will need your Unit ID to register which can be gotten from your District Executive.

Have Logon?      Click here to report service hours

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