Update on Scouting’s Membership Discussion


First and foremost, the Northeast Georgia Council appreciates your support and commitment to serving young people. You are truly making a difference! As many of our Scouting family knows, there is ongoing dialogue about the membership standards of the BSA and whether they should be changed. This is a sensitive topic and one that many people feel very strongly about, both pro and con. In early February, the National Executive Board indicated that it wanted to hear feedback about the concerns, perspectives, and opinions from the Scouting family and our other constituencies. At present, the matter is currently scheduled for consideration by voting delegates, who are Scouting volunteers, at the National Annual Meeting that will take place in Dallas, Texas on May 22-24.

Our Council will be represented at this meeting by seven voting delegates who will help decide the action, if any, that will be taken. (The number of delegates is determined by a council’s year-end youth membership.) If you would like to express your thoughts on this matter, use the form below to send an email to our delegates. 

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