Program Expansion

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Information on Program Expansion to Allow Girls in Scouting

The BSA’s National Board voted on this issue on October 11. It provides for program expansion if requested. It is an option, not a mandate.

There had been requests by families over the years for the BSA to offer programs for girls in order for the entire family to participate.

The BSA has offered the Exploring program to girls since 1971 and in the Venturing program since 1998.

Beginning in the fall of 2018, Cub Packs and their Chartered Organizations have the option of serving girls of Cub Scout age (grades 1-5 and kindergarten if they have the Lion Pilot). Specifically:

  • Existing Chartered Organizations may choose to establish new all-girl Packs
  • Existing Packs may choose to remain all-boy
  • Existing Packs may have all-girl dens as part of their program

All Cub Scout dens must be single gender (all boys or all girls)

A Chartered Organization or Pack has the option to not undergo any change. If they want to be boy-only, that is their choice.

A program for older girls will be developed using the current Boy Scout program, and that is projected to be available in 2019. In this program’s requirements, a girl would be able to earn the Eagle Scout rank.

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