Popcorn Resources for Leaders and Units

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Our council continues to experience growing financial needs associated with maintaining high quality Scouting programs. We have a great sales program with Trail’s End that is easy and practically effortless. Together, with your help we can make it a success! Participate and it will strengthen Scouting everywhere! Trail’s End – a proven winner.


Budget Planning

Budget planning2015ProgramPlanner

Plan Your Ideal Year Of Scouting

Sales Results

Military Results 2015

Sales Results by District 2014

Top 100 Popcorn Selling Units 2014


Take Order Form 2015

The Products 2015


How to Have a Successful Popcorn Sale

Projects Provided by Popcorn

The Commission Schedule

Unit Job Descriptions Popcorn Committee

Communicating Your Sale

Chairman Unit Kick-Off Tip Sheet

Communicate a Successful Sale

Family Fact Sheet

Plan and Hold Your Unit Kick-off

Tips for successful unit sale

Unit Popcorn Kickoff Tips

Show N Sell – Show N Deliver

Sample Show N Sell Tally Sheet

Show Deliver Procedures

Show N Sell Tally Sheet – Excel two pages

Show N Sell Tips Show-n-Sell Procedures


College Scholarship Enrollment-Report Form

College Scholarship Information

Fill It Up Weekly Drawings

How to Order Your Unit Prizes

Leader Incentive Scout Rewards

Scout Rewards

Trails End Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Managing Your Sale

Highlights 2015

Military Receipt

Place the Unit Popcorn Order

Set Up Your Unit Account

Selling Popcorn Online

Online Selling Information – Set Up A Scout Account

Online Selling Information -The Leader Account

Selling Popcorn Online

Delivery Day

Thursday, November 12th (All Districts)

Friday, November 13th (Gwinnett/Walton)

How much popcorn will your vehicle hold

Pickup Locations



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