Popcorn Resources for Scouts and Families

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Our council continues to experience growing financial needs associated with maintaining high quality Scouting programs. We have a great sales program with Trail’s End that is easy and practically effortless. Together, with your help we can make it a success! Participate and it will strengthen Scouting everywhere! Trail’s End – a proven winner.

Boy Scout Personal Popcorn Plan

Cub Scout Personal Popcorn Plan

Fill Up Your Take Order From and Win

Frequently Asked Customer Questions

How To Sell Popcorn

Online Selling Information – Set Up A Scout Account

Projects Paid for by Proceeds of the Popcorn Sale 2006-2013

Scout Advancement Opportunities

Scout Tips

Selling Popcorn Online

The 2014 Products


The 2014 Take Order Form

Scholarship Enrollment Form 2014


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