National Youth Leadership Training

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NYLT Youth LeaderThe National Youth Leadership Training Program (NYLT) is Boy Scouting’s premiere youth leadership development program. It is offered in Councils throughout the country. NYLT is an intensive, fun, hands-on, and challenging week-long program that combines outdoor adventure and classroom instruction to provide Scouts with experiences and tools for becoming great leaders. NYLT focuses on the concepts of what a leader must BE, what a leader must KNOW, and what a leader must DO. Participants learn and develop skills such as communication; problem solving; presentation making; team development; working with adult leaders and youth in administrative areas; and ethical decision-making. These skills learned at NYLT will benefit Scouts not only as youth leaders but in other aspects of his life.

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May 30 – June 4 at Scoutland Click here to register

June 6-11, 2016 at Scoutland  Click here to register

July 25-30, 2016 at at Scoutland Click here to register

“If you can SEE it, you can BE it!” As part of the NYLT course, Scouts are formed into patrols/teams and work and camp together at Scoutland for the week. Under the guidance of highly skilled youth staff, participants take part in indoor and outdoor challenges to develop and demonstrate their growing abilities. Activities including geo-caching, pioneering, role-playing, games, patrol competitions, overnight backpacking, and camping are all integrated into the course syllabus to help practice these skills, which come alive as each participant goes on his Quest for the Meaning of Leadership. NYLT participants are asked to commit to apply the leadership skills learned in the context of their own troop, going forward from NYLT.

Feedback from Participants Past participants were highly satisfied with NYLT! For instance, in recent courses participants rated the “amount of leadership I learned” at the course as a 4.7 average (scale of 1-5, where 4 is “very good” and 5 is “excellent”). They rated the “staff’s level of knowledge” and “level of enthusiasm” each as 4.6. 100% of the participants agreed they would recommend this course to other Scouts!

Participant evaluations from recent years included comments like the following:

“This was by far the best long outing I have ever been on. I learned everything that I need to know to make my troop great again.”

“I had a great time at this camp. Great staff group.”

“Outstanding! Will recommend to entire troop!”

“Best course ever. I’m keeping in touch with my team.”

“Thank you to all the staff. I had an amazing time.”

“I liked bonding with other staff and Scouts this week, as well as learning the leadership.”

All of these graduates agree, you should attend NYLT.

Through a challenging and fun program, Scouts and Venturers learn leadership tools and skills and apply them within the Scouting context throughout the week, so that they can in turn carry those forward into their troop/crew and other aspects of life such as school, family, church, and future profession. Our Northeast Georgia Council NYLT program has become very successful, and past years’ courses have filled completely by early April. We expect a strong interest in NYLT every year. Last year 100% of participants in each course agreed that they would recommend the course to other Scouts!

This six-day-long NYLT course is for mature Scouts and Venturers at least First Class in rank and 13 years old, who want to become great leaders. Potential participants must be approved by their Scoutmaster/Venturing Advisor, and be in a leadership position or have the potential to do so, in their home troop or crew.

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