Wood Badge Reunion

Wood Badge Reunion – August 19, 2017

9 am to 2 pm official program … will stay open until 4 pm


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If you have any questions please email Don Maxey.

What’s it all about? It’s about a day of FUN and games, reminiscing and laughs including lunch by the famous “Road Kill Café”, with the goal of fundraising to add funding to the Northeast Georgia Council Wood Badge SCHOLARSHIP FUND!

Who can attend? Anyone who has earned or is working on his or her Wood Badge Beads may attend. Beads do not have to be from NEGA; they can be from any WB Course – anywhere – after all, we are ‘Troop 1’. We encourage you to bring your friends from other councils with you.

What time does it start / end? Initial plans are: Check in at 9am at the dining hall, Patrol Leader elections then Gilwell assembly. (It will be full! The patrols will be large and the song loud!) This will be followed by various events ending in a massive game of Wood Badge Jeopardy (but with a little twist).

Lunch will be at 12:30pm with slide shows and special awards. We will conclude at 2 pm to allow those in attendance to attend the Council Adult Leader Recognition Reception at 3 pm in Gainesville. For those that want to stay around and “network” Cleveland Hall will stay open until 4pm.

What do we wear? That’s easy – you may come in your “patrol garb”, course T-shirt, Class A (Field uniform), Class B (Activity uniform), casual dress, kilt, or a Tux if you like. Patrol flags are encouraged as well.

Will we be in patrols? – Of course! All Beavers present will form one giant Beaver Patrol, elect a Patrol Leader and take part in the events as one massive Beaver patrol. The same goes for all the other patrols.  Gilwell assembly will be by patrol order.

What’s the cost? Cost to attend will be $20.00, which will include a special limited production patch and lunch. We encourage you and your patrol to come with your buckets of spare change to use in some of the games and to donate to the NEGA WB Scholarship Fund to help other Scouters attend Wood Badge. And, of course, we will accept folding money and checks for Scholarship Fund contributions.

Registration will open soon.  Please check back!

If you have any questions please email Don Maxey at *protected email*