Wood Badge Course + Reunion

Wood Badge Reunion – September 26, 2015

Whether you have earned your beads or a still working your ticket, you want to attend the 2nd Annual Wood Badge Reunion

The Second Annual Wood Badge Reunion, is scheduled for September 26, 2015 at Camp Rainey Mountain.  Check in starts at 10 am and reunion is scheduled to end at 5 pm.  Lunch will be served.    Anyone who has earned their beads or are in the process of completing their ticket may attend.

Back to Gilwell is a day of fun and games, reminiscing and laughs including dinner by the famous Road Kill Cafe, with the goal of fundraising to establish a Northeast Georgia Council Wood Badge Scholarship fund.

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Wood Badge Course Spring 2016

woodbadgeCourse Director:   Britt Bramblett

Week 1:      April 22-24, 2016  Friday to Sunday
Week 2:      May 13-15, 2016    Friday to Sunday

Both weekends at Scoutland.

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Pass on the Word!  

Online registration for the Spring 2016 Wood Badge course officially opens Sunday, May 16th, 2016 at 4:01 pm.

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Why Should I Take Wood Badge?

Every scout deserves the BEST trained leaders.  We want you to be the best.  The youth we serve deserve the best!  Here is what we have been told BY OUR MOST RECENT GRADUATES that Wood Badge did for them.  Hopefully it will apply to you, as well:

- You will gain a better understanding of Scouting’s programs.  You will know where to turn for help, for program, for resources and for ideas.

-  You will gain a MUCH better understanding of leadership and some useful tools for the challenges you face as Scout leader.   You will better understand what makes up leadership and how to built ‘high performance teams’ made up of Scouts and of adult leaders.

-  Wood Badge is VERY immediate, hands on and practical– you will be able to put it to use immediately– not only in your Scouting unit, but in your life.

-  You will be able to more effective set achievable goals in your Scouting position that will make you a better and more effective volunteer.

-  You will have fun and make new friends for life.

-  Because you’ll be better informed and better in control, you will be able to enjoy your Scouting job much, much more.

Past Wood Badge Participant Comments:

  • “I’m just sorry I waiting so long to take Wood Badge.  I should have done this earlier.  It was just GREAT”
  • “This is some of the best training I’ve ever had in my entire career– Scouting or otherwise.  The leadership and team-building training you guys gave us was better than the week-long training on these same topics I’ve had out in corporate America.  Well done.”
  • “I was able to apply these takeaways immediately.  I was in a meeting [at work] on the Monday following the course.  Without going into details, this meeting was different from our other meetings.  It was more productive.  We were calmer and more supportive of each other.  We achieved a better result.  It was clear that leadership skills can often be subtle and gentle tools which empower and embolden people to achieve more than they otherwise could have.  And, frankly, the meeting was much more enjoyable.”
  • “It is not simply the message and the refresher of old material and presentation of new material but the combination of the enthusiasm of the staff combined with the material that has provided such inspiration.  I know that at worst if I improve my home relationships and have a greater love for whom I serve that alone will improve our troop without even implementing the structural changes that can be made.  I thought that this course could be done in two 2-day weekends, and that if you did you may have more leaders attending, but I am starting to rethink that.  I don’t believe that I was really “sold” until the 3rd day.  While I have a million thoughts going on right now I am excited to come back and see my new found friends from my patrol and staff.” 

Wood Badge Training is Practical Training

Every thing we do has a purpose.  Every minute of every day is chock full of ideas and opportunities for you to take home and put to good use.  Every classroom session with your new friends, every game you play, every assembly.  As Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting said, “Scouting is a game… with a purpose.”  Whether you’re a Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venturing volunteer, we think you’ll find that Wood Badge is stuff you can put to work.

Key Contacts for Wood Badge

Questions regarding registration and payment should be directed to the Council Service Center or the Council Wood Badge Coordinator, Ed Foster .

Wood Badge Northeast Georgia Council, Jefferson Service Center P.O. Box 399 Jefferson, GA 30549

Phone: 706-693-2446 Fax: 706-693-4849 Hours:   Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm   Saturday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm