Wood Badge S9-101-30

September 6-8, 2013
September 20-22, 2013

Welcome to Wood Badge, I am so pleased that you are attending Wood Badge CourseS9-101-30.

We have a great program for you and a dedicated staff who has been hard at work for many months in preparation for the Course.

Leadership is the name of the game in Wood Badge and you will receive a phenomenal amount of information during this training.  Best of all, you will get a chance to put it to use immediately with your trainers and peers; Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity and Venturing leaders as well as district and council leaders.

I encourage each of you to learn as much as you can, not just about the leadership skills, but also about each other, which is equally  important.  Though most of your time will be in a group (patrol or den), seek out others, especially in other programs.  Get to know each other and the staff.  You will learn about wonderful opportunities that lie ahead for you and your youth in Scouting.  These contacts and friendships will serve as a source of support to you in your daily efforts both in and out of scouting.

Again, welcome to S9-101-30.  I am very excited that we are finally together. I trust that you will enjoy the course as much as the staff will enjoy presenting the course to you!  Most of all,  have fun.  Remember, “If it’s not FUN. it’s not SCOUTING!”

Don Maxey

Key Contacts for Wood Badge S9-101-30

Questions regarding registration and payment should be directed to the Council Service Center or the Council Wood Badge Coordinator, Ed Foster .  Routine questions about the course should be directed to our Scoutmaster, Don Maxey.

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