Wood Badge Course S9-101-39 Staff

Tom Boland : Senior Patrol Leader

Tom Boland

Senior Patrol Leader

Tom is a Eagle from Wood Badge SR-766, and currently serves as the District Commissioner for the Apalachee District. Tom has served Scouting in many positions – Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Adult Advisor, and District Eagle Board Chairman to name a few. Tom has three sons; two of whom are Eagle Scouts; his third son is currently a Life Scout and recently served as the SPL for one of the Council’s 2013 National Scout Jamboree contingency troops. Additionally, Tom’s Father in-law, an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient, and Atlanta Area Council JamboreeScoutmaster, celebrated his 79th consecutive year in Scouting this year…!
Tom is a proud brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, and of the Alcovy Old-timers; he was the founding Committee Chairman for Pack 597, and Crew 597; his awards include, but are not limited to… Cub Scout Leader Award; Boy Scout Leader Training Award; Commissioner’s Arrowhead of Honor; Commissioner’s Key, Distinguished Commissioner Award, Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service; New Unit Organizer Award, Scoutmaster of the year Award; National Eagle Scout Association’s Scoutmaster Award of Merit, Scoutmaster’s Key; District Committee Key; District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver Award, and of course – Wood Badge.

Tom’s most memorable Scouting event – serving as one of the Council’s Scoutmasters to the 2010 Centennial National Scout Jamboree.

“Scouting has led me to places I never could have dreamed of going… From Philmont to sailing the Atlantic Ocean; from rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon; to Winterfest in Gatlinburg, TN. The neatest thing – getting to take some of the finest young men, and young women, in the World along on trips of a lifetime. I am big on opportunities of a lifetime….

It is my hope that each Wood Badge participant will be blessed as much as I have been blessed through the Wood Badge Training course…

As a Wood Badge participant, your Adventure is just beginning – Trust Me…”

Christine Burrell : Media Scribe

Christine Burrell

Media Scribe

David Cowan : Troop Guide

David Cowan

Troop Guide

David Cowan, Woodbadge Eagle SR-830, Eagle Scout- 1971, Scoutmaster –Troop 231, Snellville.   

David has been scouting all his life –  as a boy he went to Philmont, the 1969 –Jamboree, and many campouts.  One of his scouting friends, also an Eagle Scout joins him each year for another 40-50 miles of the AT –  we are somewhere in middle Virginia –  “we’ll make it to Katahdan when we are about 90”.  

 Currently he is scoutmaster of Troop 231 which he helped to start 10 years ago.  Recently they celebrated their 27th Eagle Scout.  He has had 8 of his leaders complete their woodbadge training over the last few years –  what a difference it has made in strength of the troop and the lives of the young men served.

 David is a Research Scientist at Georgia Tech –  helping to design safer and more efficient hospitals and clinics.  He is the Husband Bethany and together they have 4 children, 2.5 grandchildren (one is due before Christmas) and 2 Eagle Scouts.  He lives in downtown Atlanta where he walks to work (when he has to work). 

 He has also served as Venture Crew Advisor, District Commissioner, Unit Commissioner, and Roundtable Commissioner.   He was a Scoutmaster for a Troop at the most recent National Jamboree.

Charles Daniels : Logistics

Charles Daniels


Joe Edwards : Troop Guide

Joe Edwards

Troop Guide

Ed Fleeson : Troop Guide

Ed Fleeson

Troop Guide

I started my almost 29 year scouting career as a Cub Scout in Jackson, Mi.  I eared all my badges and Webelos awards along with my Arrow of Light.  One of my fondest memories in Cub Scouts was winning our Packs very first Pinewood Derby (I still have my car).  I crossed over to Boy Scouts and joined a local troop.  I found the program very confusing (we were on what they called the “Old System”) and my leaders didn’t seem to lend much support.  I almost quit but my dad said, “Let’s go visit the troop that meets at our church”.  That was my turning point.  The leaders and program was much more organized and they were there to help and see you succeed. My Scoutmasters became one of my greatest mentors and still hold a very special place in my heart (my one Scout Master just passed away this year at age 90). I would attend summer camp at Camp Teetonkah, which is one of the oldest scout camps in the country.

I ended up earning my Eagle, God and Country award and became a member of the Order of the Arrow.  I had the chance to take a trip to Philmont that would put a special feeling in my heart that I would later share with boys when I became an adult leader. I ended up becoming the Scout Master of the troop at a ripe old age of 21 and would find the original charter that no one knew existed.  Last year we celebrate 100 years of being a troop.  Goes to show you that trained and dedicated leaders can make all the difference in the world to a Scout and a troop.

Over the years, Scouting has been a big part of my life.  I have been a Scout Master, ASM, Committee Chair, Cub Master and Den Leader.  I have been to Philmont 3 times, been to Jamboree and recently attended my first NOAC.  I have earned numerous awards including Wood Badge and Power Horn.  This will be my second time on staff, the first being an assistant Scribe and this year being the ASM of Admin.

I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, photography, music, wood working and spending time with my family and working with all the scouts and it is an honor to be on Wood Badge Staff and be able to serve and share my experiences.

Ed Foster : Wood Badge Coordinator

Ed Foster

Wood Badge Coordinator

Ed Foster serves as the Northeast Georgia Council’s Advancement Chairman, Wood Badge Coordinator and Training Committee, Council Camping Committee, and Troop Committee Member.

He was the Course Director of SR-909.

Ed likes to share his love for the outdoors, for training and for Wood Badge with others. A former Wood Badge Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Scoutmaster, Coach Counselor and Troop Guide, and is a member of the Northeast Georgia Council’s Heritage Society with 21 years as an adult volunteer.

His Scouting awards include the Silver Beaver, District Award of Merit, Rotary Club Scoutmaster of the Year, Cubmaster Award, Scoutmaster Award of Merit, George Meany Award, James West Award and Commissioners Arrowhead Award. 

Luis Herrera : Logistics Asst Scoutmaster

Luis Herrera

Logistics Asst Scoutmaster

Luis currently serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 549.

As a Buffalo from Wood Badge SR-909, Luis has served 6 years as a youth and 27 years as an adult in scouting. Luis earned his Eagle Scout rank in his native country of El Salvador. In addition, Luis completed his first Wood Badge training in El Salvador and has served on several Wood Badge courses in Northeast GA.

Luis earned the following service and training awards: Cub Scout Den Leader Award, Webelos Den Leader Training Award, Pack Trainer Award as well as the Cub Scouter’s Training Award.

What is my goal as a Wood Badge Staff member? To serve the leaders with scout spirit, to motivate these leaders to truly practice the scout method. I would like to advise the WB participants to live it, enjoy it, and pass it on to all leaders and scouts.

Kimberly Harris : Chief Cook

Kimberly Harris

Chief Cook

Kimberly is Married to Mark Harris for 24 yrs, has 3 children Victoria Danielle (22 yrs) is a freelance florist, Marcus Sterling (19yrs) Eagle Scout, career oriented, Alexander Duncan(18 yrs) Eagle scout, career oriented. Kimberly has an inner spirituality that shines bright each and every day.

Kimberly grew up in Walnut Grove, Ga. and has been doing hair since 1981; her art is very thought provoking and hands on; always learning new things. Mark and Kim have lived in Braselton, Ga. for over22 yrs, where her scouting career began with; her boys starting as a Tiger and a Bear Cub, while being a Girl Scout Leader for her daughter at the same time, she moved to Boy Scouts with her boys. Starting with; Boy Scout Troop 146 Committee chair and merit badge counselor, Order of the Arrow, Sea Scout Ship 27, Wood Badge SR-981, Sea Badge SB-9-FL-2011/SR-36, Pathfinders, and Order of the Double Dragon.

Kimberly Harris, has Catered for many years and worked in many a kitchen, is a member of Georgia State Florist Association, she has many hobbies and talents, face painting, any kind of crafts. Kimberly has a love for nature (trying to go green) since she has her master gardener certification, and has taken herbal healing 101 (traditional Chinese medicine) classes, she love animals and is currently raising red wigglers, dogs and Tigger the cat. Her favorite color is hot pink, red, purple, lime green, anything bright except yellow. One day she hopes to own a fuchsia hummer with purple flames or a roadster, ok anything with wheels and drives.

Kimberly’s goal is to see that all youth that she works with in scouting grow up to be strong leaders, and adults who are self sufficient who don’t need help, they just want help and intern teach others. She has instilled Her motto to these youth that: if I can read it I can do it, if I can’t do it, it’s because I haven’t tried or I just don’t like it, and always set the bar high, or you will never know how high you can reach. Kimberly’s favorite saying is:” Quality not quantity, you are never too old to learn new tricks and when you get to the point you don’t think you need to learn any more it’s time to get out of the business, no matter what business you are in, because you are no longer any good except in your our mind.”

Mark Harris : Cook

Mark Harris


Bealinda Holloman : Scribe

Bealinda Holloman


Bealinda began Scouting as a Girl Scout Troop leader in Nashville, Tennessee for seven years.  She joined Cub Scouts in 1998 as an Adult leader when her son, John, was a Bear and her husband, Tom, was Den Leader. During the next four years she served on Roundtable Staff, New Leader Training Staff, PowPow Staff, Day Camp Staff, and Committee Chair for Pack 999. In 2000 Bealinda became a Unit Commissioner and now is a Asst. Council Commissioner.

In 2002 the family relocated to Grayson, Georgia and they joined Troop 599.  Bealinda served in Troop 599 as Committee Member filling the positions of Secretary, Board of Review Chair, Advancement Chair, Merit Badge Counselor, and Fundraiser Chair. She has prepared 29 books for Eagle Scouts COH, containing 150 to 200 congratulatory letters.  She sews and/or mends uniforms for the Troop, 3 National Jamboree Troops and the 2007 World Jamboree Troop.

Since being in the NEGA Council Bealinda has served on the District Committee as Unit Commissioner, District Popcorn Chair for 7 years and volunteer for 2, 2008-2010 ALT Staff, 6 Advance-A-Rama’s, Co-Chair for the District Banquet twice, the District Nominating Committee and is currently on the Advancement Committee, Eagle BOR and a Council Commissioner. A Buffalo and graduate of SR-981 Wood Badge, one of her tickets was to create two Yahoo Communications Groups for Sweetwater.  She served as Scribe on the S9-101-28 course and is currently working on her PhD in Commissioner Science.

Her awards and recognitions as a scouter include the CS Award, BS Leader Training Award, Scouters Key, James West Award, Distinguished Commissioner, District Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver, among others.

Her most memorable Scouting event other than Wood Badge is watching her son, John, receiving the Eagle Scout rank in May 2006.  “I joined scouting to be with and help my daughters have fun, and then to be with my son and husband, and I got hooked.  Watching the boys grow into young men with stronger sense of confidence, values and character is worth every hour spent.”

“For me, Wood Badge was a life-changing experience. It teaches teamwork, communications, and that conflict is unavoidable and part of life. It teaches a love for the Scouting program. And ultimately, it teaches that no matter who we are, where we come from, and where we are in our Scouting ‘walk’, we all have something tremendous that we can bring to each other. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on S9-101-30 Wood Badge Staff.”

Doug Hooks : Scoutland Ranger

Doug Hooks

Scoutland Ranger

Rosanne Lowe : Troop Guide

Rosanne Lowe

Troop Guide

Traci Matthews : Gilwell Scribe

Traci Matthews

Gilwell Scribe

Don Maxey : Course Director

Don Maxey

Course Director

Don Maxey, Sr., Course Director S9-101-30

Don currently serves as the Eagle Board Chairman for the Sweetwater District, is the Assistant District Commissioner for the Grayson Area, and serves on the District Advancement Committee. In the years past he has been a Scoutmaster, Troop and Pack Committee Chairman, District Training Chairman, Scoutblast Chairman, served on the Silver Beaver Selection Committee, as well as the District Vice Chairman for the Sweetwater District.

In 1998 he attended Wood Badge Course SR233, earning his Beads in 1999. The first staff for Don was SR684 as a Troop Guide, next serving on the SR766 Cook Staff. Continuing on his Staff adventure he served SR1049 as the ASM Logistics and served, once again, as a Troop Guide on S9-101-26. The adventure continued with S9-101-28 working with the Logistics Team.

Don earned his Eagle Scout award as a youth and became a Brotherhood Member of the OA. His three sons are also Eagle Scouts (all with Silver Palm) and followed in their Father’s footsteps attending National Jamboree and earning their Philmont Arrowhead Award. They also became Brotherhood Members of the OA.

His awards and recognitions as a scouter include the Scoutmaster’s Key, the Scouter’s Training Award, Scoutmaster’s Award of Merit, District Committee Key, Cub Scouter’s Award, Webloes Leader Award, The District Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver, among others.

Why Wood Badge? Don believes the every scout deserves, yes deserves, a trained leader and there is no training experience superior to what can be attained at Wood Badge. Live long friendships and connections will be made by all of the participants, including the staff, which will help you support and present the scouting program to the youth members that you serve. The information that is presented in the Wood Badge Course will help you build your skills as an effective leader who can relate to, mentor, and train their scouts. It is so important that our youth attain the learning goals of the scouting program in the areas of leadership, citizenship, and fitness so that they will be servant leaders to their communities in their adult life.

Don challenges all of the Wood Badge Course Participants and Staff of S9-101-30 to give this course their all, you will benefit in all aspects of your life if you do so!

Rick Meinersmann : Asst Senior Patrol Leader

Rick Meinersmann

Asst Senior Patrol Leader

As a boy my dad was in the Air Force and I started as a bear cub scout (there were no tigers back then) in Bermuda. I still have a 50th year anniversary patch from Bermuda. I continued through the arrow of light and started Boy Scouts in Dover, DE. I went to high school in Laurel, DE, where I made it to Life Scout. I was on scout summer camp staff for three summers, not consecutively and not all at the same camp, but in the Delmarva Scout Council. My oldest son started Cub Scouts in ’97 and I was assistant den leader at that time. I have three boys and I served various duties in Cub Scouts including three years as Cub Master. While still in Cubs I started as assistant Scout Master in Troop 588 where I became Scout Master in 2006 and still am today. About five years ago I started working with the Sweetwater District where I have been the Boy Scout Round Table Commissioner for four years with one year of Cub Scout Round Table Commissioner inserted.

I am, by the way, really a doctor (VMD, PhD) and you will see how that is important when you take the WB course. However, I wouldn’t believe everything I say. I’ll let you know what you should believe.

Debbie  Pasch : Troop Guide

Debbie Pasch

Troop Guide

Debbie currently serves as Troop Committee Chair for Troop 173, a Troop she helped start 3 years ago. She has been in Scouting for 5 years, is a proud Bear from S9-101-27 & mom to a Life Scout.

She also currently serves as Committee Chair for Crew 173, is a Chattahoochee District Committee member, sits on the District Advancement Committee & the District Religious Committee, and is serving as Dean of Leader Specific College & Instructor for University of Scouting 2013. She has held a variety of previous positions including; Duty to God Instructor, Troop Secretary, Advancement Chair, UofS Instructor & Trainer’s Edge Team Guide.

“My goals for S9-101-30 are to teach & learn from others, to model servant leadership and help aid our adult leaders to bring, with enthusiasm, the highest quality program to the youth they are serving.” “For leaders to know that Scouting is more than teaching skills from a handbook. It is making a difference in the lives of the youth that has been entrusted to them; they will in turn, affect countless others.”

“I passionately believe in the Scouting program. The values Scouting embodies helps create boys of strong character with life skills to grow into men that will be the next generation of husbands, fathers & leaders. “Every boy deserves a trained leader” is more than a saying. They truly deserve no less. And, I believe Wood Badge is some of the best training an adult leader in Scouting can receive. Besides, Wood Badge is rewarding & LOTS of fun!!!!”


Eric Pittman : Troop Guide

Eric Pittman

Troop Guide

Jason Preves : Troop Guides Asst Scoutmaster

Jason Preves

Troop Guides Asst Scoutmaster

Jason has served as a Tiger Cub den leader, Wolf den leader, Bear den leader, Webelos den leader and Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 574 in Auburn, GA. Jason has also served as an assistant Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 774 in Auburn, GA for 4 ½ years.

Jason started Troop 173 in Winder, GA in August of 2010 with a roster of 17 Scouts. Currently there are 42 scouts. Jason started Crew 173 in Winder, GA in January of 2012 and they currently have 10 youth (co-ed) on the roster.


Jason is a member of the SR-830 Fox Patrol. He has served as Troop Guide for the Owl Patrol in SR-1049 and served on Logistics for S9-101-25 but was transferred to the Owl Troop Guide before the course started. Also, Jason served as the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) on S9-101-28. For course S9-101-30, Jason is serving as the ASM for Troop Guides.

Jason served as Dean of General Studies and Leader Specific Studies for the University of Scouting in 2010 and 2011.  He is the University of Scouting Chancellor for 2012 and 2013 events.

Jason earned his Powder Horn in 2008 and was a Crew Guide for Powder Horn 2011.

He is currently the District Vice-Chairman on the Chattahoochee District Committee, served as the Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner for the Chattahoochee District from 2010 to 2013, and a D.A.M. recipient.

Grover Reynolds : Program Asst Scoutmaster

Grover Reynolds

Program Asst Scoutmaster

Grover used to be an Antelope (SR-830) and received his beads on May 16, 2008. Since then, he has been privileged to serve as a Troop Guide (Owl) for SR-981, Assistant Scoutmaster (Logistics) for SR-1048, Assistant Scoutmaster (Logistics) for S9-101-26, and Senior Patrol Leader for S9-101-28 (“Plant an acorn, leave a Legacy!”).

During his nine years of Scouting as a youth in the Rip Van Winkle Council, Grover received his Arrow of Light and achieved the rank of Life Scout. In addition to Camporees, Historic Trail hikes, and Klondike Derbies, Grover attended the 1981 National Jamboree (the first to be held at Fort A.P. Hill).

Grover has been an adult Scout leader for 13 years and has received the Tiger Cub Den Leader Award, Den Leader Award, Webelos Den Leader Award, Scouter’s Training Award, and the Scoutmaster Award of Merit. He is a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, Mowogo Lodge, Japeechen Chapter. An avid sailor, Grover attended Sea Base (Coral Reef Sailing) in June 2007. Currently a “Scoutmaster Emeritus” of Troop 457, Grover also has served as the Vice Chairman of the Etowah District, taught Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training at the Northeast Georgia Council’s University of Scouting, and has sat on numerous Eagle Boards of Review for the Etowah District. Grover is most honored and privileged to have personally mentored several boys on their Trail to Eagle, including one whom he has known since he was a Tiger Cub!

“I love being involved in Wood Badge because it gives me an opportunity to share, and I hope pass along, my passion for the Scouting program. There is a reason the aims and methods of Scouting have not changed in 100 years – why Scouts still promise the same Scout Oath, still follow the same 12 points of the Scout Law, and still live by the motto “Be Prepared.” The uniform may have changed over the years (remember when shirts were olive green and didn’t have a collar?), the Handbook may have been through 12 revisions, but the fundamental tenets of the Scouting program are the same as they were in Lord Baden-Powell’s day – because this program works!

Perhaps you’ve been a Scout Leader for longer than you care to remember; maybe you’re a new leader wondering just what you’ve gotten yourself into (“it’s only an hour a week”); or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Wherever you are in your Scouting career, during Wood Badge you will gain a deeper understanding of how all the pieces fit together and why (yes, there is a method to the madness). Along the way, there will be fun and games, team-work and competition, laughter and maybe some tears, and (we hope) at least a few “ah-ha” moments. Your Wood Badge experience will change your life – not just as a Scout leader, but at home, at work, and in ways you never would have imagined – and in doing so, it will empower you to change lives.

Throughout my adult Scouting career, I have been guided by this quote:

All about me are boys. They are the makers of history, the builders of tomorrow. If I can have some part in guiding them up the trails of Scouting, on to the high road of noble character and constructive citizenship, I may prove to be the most important man in their lives, the most important man in my community. A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

(Forest E. Witcraft, from Within My Power – The Power of One Man, first published in Scouting Magazine, October 1950.)

That’s what it’s all about my friends, that’s why we’re here.

Tom Roberts : Course Advisor

Tom Roberts

Course Advisor

Tom Roberts currently serves in the Northeast Georgia Council as Vice President for Technology, Council Executive Board, Winterfest Deputy Chair, Council Philmont Expedition Coordinator, and member of several committees. Also currently serving as one of the Advisors to the Southern Region Venturing Officer Association.

During 37 years in Scouting as a youth and adult volunteer, Tom has received the Arrow of Light, God and Country, Eagle, Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor, Silver Beaver, Advisor Award of Merit, the Council and Region Venturing Leadership Award, Wood Badge and Sea Badge. Tom was the Course Director of Wood Badge SR-684.

Tom has followed Scouts down rivers, through the woods, over the oceans and under the seas to a thousand nights of camping including Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, National Jamborees, World Jamborees.

Tom is the son of an Eagle Scout and father of an Eagle Scout. His daughter earned the Venturing Silver Award and the Ranger Award. “My father was a Scout his entire life. He never bragged about being an Eagle, he just lived it. That’s what I want to be when I grow up.”

 Previous adult positions, in approximate chronological order, include Pack Committee, WEBELOS Den Leader, Asst. Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Explorer Post Associate Advisor, Troop Committee Chair, Post Advisor, Crew Advisor, District Committee, Council Training Committee Chair, COPE Director, Wood Badge Course Director, Southern Region Committee, National Camping School Staff, Philmont Training Center Staff, and what not.

 “I don’t remember joining cub scouts, it just happened. Mom was the Den Leader. As a Cub I actually wore my uniform to school several times a year. In the months leading up to my 11th birthday, the BSA was running ads on television that showed scouts wearing shorts. Any young man in Wyoming knew that real men did not wear short pants. It took my father several weeks to convince me to visit a Troop meeting.”

“I was one of the few that remained in Scouting more than a couple of years. Like many old hands at the time, my focus tended to be the Order of the Arrow. I attended NOAC in 1975 as the Chief of Tatokanyanka Lodge. My last Scouting adventure as a young man was working on the staff of the 1977 National Jamboree.”

“I have seen self-confidence erupt in youth that thought they could never lead. I have seen youngsters learn to persevere in adverse situations. I have seen teenagers collaborate to make their big adventures happen. I know Scouting is makng a difference whenever I see Scouts get off the couch, drop the remote, and start making things happen for themselves and others. Scouting has allowed me meet young people that have and will make a difference.”

 “I did Wood Badge twice – SE-615 and SR-Y2K-X2 (a 21st Century pilot course). I served on several Wood Badge staff, including being the Course Director of SR 684 (or was that 686?). Whether as a participant, working on the staff, or a guest instructor, I always come away from Wood Badge excited about Scouting and ready for more.”

“I like working with people, young and old, to create Scouting programs and adventures that give youth a chance to “get it”, that is, to discover the real purpose of Scouting.”

“What advice can I give our Wood Badge participants?  Pay attention! Engage in everything, not just the instruction. Watch what is going on in the Troop, in you Patrol, in yourself.”

Jon Spencer : Troop Guide

Jon Spencer

Troop Guide